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KSI Brand Guide

Logo Icon


Another way to refer to KSI is our icon. The KSI logo is used in instances where there isn’t enough room for the wordmark—for example, an application icon or favicon.

In instances where the icon cannot be used in full color, the black or white colour variations can be used.

Logo Icon


When using the icon, be sure to give it some room to breathe. (we all need that.) As a rule, use the lowercase ‘o’ to measure the space surrounding it.

Logo Icon

Ground Rules

Place the icon on any brand colour, as long as it’s legible.

If the background is too dark to use the black icon, use the white one.

You can place the icon on an image—as long as it’s legible.

Do not stretch the icon under any circumstances.

Do not make the icon any colour other than Blood Red black or white.

Do not place a drop shadow under the icon.

Do not rotate the icon in any direction.

Do not add any elements onto the icon.


Color Palette

Blood Red






Tone of voice

Who we are

Welcome to the vibrant world of KSI, where joy, camaraderie, and collaboration reign supreme! 

We’re not just a gaming clan; we’re a lively community that thrives on the spirit of fun and togetherness. 

Our tone is one of excitement, embracing the shared passion for gaming that unites us all. Whether you’re conquering virtual realms, strategizing together, or simply enjoying some fun, KSI is your go-to hub for an exhilarating gaming experience. So, grab your controllers, join the laughter, and let’s create unforgettable gaming memories together! In the realm of KSI, it’s not just about victories; it’s about the shared journey and the friendships we forge along the way. Game on!